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Driver's Ed Course Info

JOL Driver's Education Package


  • Thirty (30) Hours of Classroom

  • Twelve (12) Hours of Behind-the-Wheel

  • Six (6) Hours of Observation

  • Free Two (2) Hour Parent Class. 

This Program is Mandatory For Any Massachusetts Resident Under the Age of 18
Who Wishes to
Obtain a MA JOL Driver’s License.

Payments and Deposits

We currently accept the following methods of payment:


Check, Cash, or Money Order

Check or Money order can be mailed to our office at 32 Broad Street, Merrimac MA 01860 or dropped off in person.  If you would like to drop off your payment in person and it is outside of our office hours, there is a drop box next to the door where you can leave your payment.  PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH.​

If driving lessons have been scheduled and there is still an open balance of tuition, lesson(s) may be cancelled until payment is resolved. 


Credit Cards

Fees & Payments

For the Latest List of Classes

Click Here


See our current Schedule of Classes.

Student Classes are held in a Hybrid Format.  You may choose in-person or remote when you register.

Parent Classes are all held via Zoom.  You can sign up here.

Classroom Information

Students must be at least 15 and 9 months old by the first day of class.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Students are allowed to miss a class as long as the same section missed is made up at a later date.   The Driver’s Education course must be completed within two (2) years of the date of the first class in order to receive certification for the class.   (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Classroom Behavior Expections

The Following Behavior is Not Tolerated and is terms for dismissal from the program without refund of Tuition/Deposit.

  • Offensive, derogatory, and profane terms are not tolerated.  In order to have a safe classroom environment where all students feel comfortable, no put downs, swear words, or slang words with demeaning connotations will be accepted.

  • Cheating - This includes both students who copy from their classmates during exams, and those who use other forms of cheating, such as electronic devices to help them cheat.

  • SwearingThis includes using profanity to express anger or frustration, as well as using it in casual conversation.  Swearing can be disruptive and unpleasant, and can have a negative impact on the learning environment of the classroom.

  • Fighting - This includes physical altercations between students, as well as verbal disputes.  Fighting can lead to injuries, and can also be a distraction from the class

  • Disruptive Noise- Making too much noise can lead to difficulty concentrating on the class material, and can interfere with the learning process. Making too much noise in the classroom can be disruptive and unpleasant for both students and teachers.  This includes using cell phones while in class, as well as loudly whispering to one another.  This includes not keeping quiet when someone is speaking, not working quietly in their seats, or talking out of turn. 

  • Smoking/Vaping - This includes smoking cigarettes, cigars, E-cigs, vaping or other forms of tobacco.  It can also be difficult for students to concentrate when they are exposed to secondhand smoke.

  • Sleeping - This includes dozing off, or falling asleep.  All Students are required to be awake and ready to learn.

  • Disrespectful Behavior - Disrespect of teachers, adults, talking back or not following directions. Disrespect of fellow students, teasing, bullying, messing with each other.


Driving time will not be scheduled until after the completion of the classroom portion.  Parent class must also be fulfilled before lessons can be scheduled.  NO APPOINTMENTS WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT PAID IN FULL, unless other arrangements have been made.

Students may be picked up at home, school or work, as long as notice is given. If a student is scheduled for a driving lesson, they must be prepared. They must have their permit with them and it must be in good condition. All pertinent information must be legible and all restrictions must be adhered to. (I.e. corrective lenses if required.)

Hoffman dutifully follows their extremely successful, well proven, and long-standing practice of booking On-Road lessons and In-Car Observation over an approximate 4-month period.  This allows lessons and at home driving to reinforce each other, helping students to retain the information they receive.  It is not our policy, nor ideal for the student to complete them over a shorter period unless unavoidable extenuating circumstances exist.  (As an example, students who receive their permit, but delayed driving with parents by a significant amount of time (2+ months) cannot be “rushed” through.  We understand that their ELIGIBILITY DATE is still 6 months after they receive their permit, but we will not book all 18 hours of lessons in a shorter amount of time just to meet their ELIGIBILITY DATE.  This would be unfair to other students, as well as detrimental to your student.)  This can possibly be discussed with Hoffman, and potential special arrangements may be attempted to help accommodate the student but cannot be guaranteed.

As discussed in the Classroom Session, as well as during the Parent Class, and also when 1st booking Road Lessons, all students are required to have a MINIMUM of 15 hours of driving before beginning On-Road lessons.  These hours MUST be on public roads, during varied times of the day, and to various locations.  This is essential to students getting the most out of their lessons.  Without this foundation of driving, adding additional training will be extremely difficult and potentially detrimental to their progress.  If it has been determined that during the 1st lesson with an instructor, the student or parent has not honestly informed us of the correct number of hours of driving, or if 15 hours is not enough time for the student to proceed, future lessons may be suspended.  A recommendation will be given on when to resume lessons.  A fee of $45 may be assessed to cover the cost of the instructor and vehicle if we determine that the student or parent was dishonest when informing us of the student's progress at home.

We will always do our best to work with a student's individual needs and schedule to ensure that they are able to complete their driving lessons in a timely manner.  However, if the student has not made a sufficient effort to improve their progress, and therefor will be unable to complete their driving lessons within 12 months of starting their On-Road Lessons, we will honor and fulfil any remaining lessons that have been paid for, however no refunds can be given.  Exceptions will be made for previously discussed Documented Medical Situations.

On March 17, 2022, the Mass RMV updated their mask policy as follows:  Face Covering Requirement Extended until April 18, 2022.  In compliance with the Transportation Safety Administration's Mask Mandate: Face covering are required for all occupants while in state vehicles for Road Test Exams until further notice - regardless of vaccination status. Masks are required for all driving lesson and license test appointments, regardless of vaccine status. Students and instructors must wear a mask for the duration of their lessons. 


A minimum of a Twenty-Four (24) hour notice is required to cancel any lessons. There will be an additional Forty Five dollar ($45.00) fee for single lessons and Eighty Five dollar ($85.00) fee for double lessons owed to Hoffman Auto School if student does not meet all the cancellation requirements.

CR Expectations
On Roads


The Driver’s Education Certificate is issued after the classroom, driving hours, and Parent Class are successfully completed. The cost of the Driver’s Education Certificate is NOT included in the tuition package price. A $15.00 additional fee payable directly to Hoffman Auto School will be required after the Classroom and On-Road Portion has been completed.


Please remember that your child is NOT ELIGIBLE to take their Road Test until they have had their permit for 6 months (incident free).  It does not matter if they are 16 ½, the RMV sets their ELIGIBILITY DATE as 6 months after their permit is issued.  If your child has had any delays in testing and receiving their permit, instead of immediately after their 16th birthday, their ELIGIBILITY DATE will be pushed out as well per RMV policies. 

In order to take the RMV License road test, the student must take the test in either the Hoffman Auto School vehicle or in an eligible vehicle provided by the student along with an eligible sponsor.  If Hoffman Auto School students wish to have the Auto school sponsor him/her for his/her license appointment, there is an One Hundred Fifty Dollar ($150.00) fee for the use of our vehicle. This is an additional fee, separate from the tuition and separate from the Registry’s fee for the actual license and road test. We must book your license test if you are going with us. You may register with the auto school for the license road test after you have successfully completed the entire program and your Driver's Ed. Certificate is issued. Simply pay your One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) fee and we will book your appointment for you.

Again there are two License Test Sponsor options available:

RMV Option: The student is required to schedule their own road lesson through the RMV website and will need to have a qualified sponsor with them during their test.  The test will be taken in their own vehicle, which must meet the RMV qualifications (For Qualifications, CLICK HERE).  The RMV is currently publishing a delayed timeframe for getting a road test.  This test cannot be scheduled before you finish your lessons.

GROUP TEST OPTION:  Hoffman regularly schedules RMV designated After-Hours Exams for all students who wish to take their Road Test with us as their sponsor and use a Hoffman Car as their vehicle.  After-Hours Exams are Road Tests that take place outside of the RMV office, generally after normal RMV operating hours.  The test will still be conducted and overseen by a Mass RMV Certified Examiner.  As such, your child will not be the only student taking their test that day.  We generally offer at least 2 tests per month, depending on the number of eligible students.  You will not need to book your child’s test, as we have direct access to the RMV Portal, and will submit the road test request electronically.    (The advantage of this being we can get their Road Test booked significantly quicker than if you tried to directly book through the RMV Website.)  

PARENTS: Remember, your child may not operate a motor vehicle within the first six months after receiving their JOL while any person under age 18 is in the vehicle (other than themselves or an immediate family member), unless they are accompanied by a person who is at least 21 years old, has at least one year of driving experience, holds a valid driver's license from Massachusetts or another state, and is occupying a seat beside them.   They are Forbid use of a cell phone while driving - It's against the law for a Junior Operator to use a cell phone to talk, text, or do anything else while driving (except report an emergency).

Certificates & Road Tests


A new law passed by the Massachusetts RMV in 2007 requires that parents attend an informational two (2) hour class in order for the student to receive the Driver’s Education Certificate.  Also no lessons can be scheduled until the parent class has been fulfilled or a copy of a certificate is on file.  This is a mandatory requirement. This class explains to the parents the current requirements for students under the age of eighteen (18), the Junior Operator Laws, and the fines and penalties associated with violating those laws among other things. If a student is under the age of 18, a Parent must attend one of these informational classes. Parent class dates are available on the schedule page. Only one parent need attend. A parent need only attend once every five (5) years. Therefore, if a family has had previous or subsequent children attending Driver’s Education within a five (5) year period of attending a Parent Class, then attendance may not be required again. If a Parent has previously attended a Parent Class at another Auto School, then a Parent Class Certificate from the other Auto School is Required. You are more than welcome to attend a class again, even if already fulfilled.

Click HERE to Register for Parent Class

Parent Class


(Some Fees Are Optional or Not Applicable To Every Student)

  • 1/2 Hour License Refresher Lesson                        $25

  • Use of Hoffman Car and Sponsor for Road Test     $150

  • Driver Education Certificate:                                    $15

  • Missed Lesson Fees (Single/Double)                      $45-1hr / $85-2hr 

  • Additional lessons beyond 12 required lessons:      $65/hr

  • Retake Road Test Fees:                                           $85

Additional Fees
A La Carte Fees


• 1/2 Hour Refresher/Evaluation                                         $45

•  Individual Driving Lessons:                                             $90.00/hr
• 12 Hours Behind the Wheel Training:                               $625.00
• 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training:                                 $425.00
• 30 Hour Classroom Instruction only:                                $400.00
• 2 Hour Parent Class: (Free for JOL Students)                  $50.00

(Student must complete the program, otherwise you will be charged)
• Use of Hoffman Vehicle and Sponsor For Road Test **    $150.00 

** (Non JOL Students looking for just a sponsor are required to take a 30 min Evaluation to ensure their ability to pass the test.)

• Medical Board Competency Retraining (6 hours)*          $475.00

*This pkg focuses on preparation after a License Suspension for Medical Reasons.  Completion of the 6-Hours does not

guarantee that you will pass your Driver's Test.  Some individuals may require more than 6 hours, while others may not

ever be able to regain their driving privileges.

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