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Welcome to Hoffman Auto School. Our current Driver’s Education Package available at this time which is dictated by the RMV laws in Massachusetts that consist of:

  • Thirty (30) hours of classroom training

  • Twelve (12) hours of behind-the-wheel training

  • Six (6) hours of observation time (due to recent safety regulations, observation time will be replaced with:

    • JOL 6 Hour Obervation Affidavite - found HERE​

  • Two (2) Hour Parent Class. 


This program is mandatory for any Massachusetts person under the age of 18 who wishes to obtain a Driver’s License.



Fees & Payments



A non-refundable deposit of $300 is due upon registering for the class to reserve a space. It will be applied to the total cost of the course. The second installment of the balance is payable by the end of the class or before the first driving lesson. 


If driving lessons have been scheduled and there is still an open balance of tuition, the final lesson(s) may be cancelled until payment is resolved. 


See our current Schedule of Classes.

Current parent & student classes are being held via Zoom.

Class Information

Students must be at least 15 and 9 months old by the first day of class.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Students are allowed to miss a class as long as the same section missed is made up at a later date.   The Driver’s Education course must be completed within two (2) years of the date of the first class in order to receive certification for the class.   (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Driving time will not be scheduled until after the completion of the classroom portion.  Parent class must also be fulfilled before lessons can be scheduled.  NO APPOINTMENTS WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT PAID IN FULL. As required by law, students must also complete forty (40) hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a parent. The student must also hold a permit for a full six (6) months (183 days) before he/she is eligible for a license.

Students may be picked up at home, school or work, as long as notice is given. If a student is scheduled for a driving lesson, they must be prepared. They must have their permit with them and it must be in good condition. All pertinent information must be legible and all restrictions must be adhered to. (I.e. corrective lenses if required.)   Due to new safety regulations, all students must wear a proper mask.  A twenty-four (24) hour notice is needed to cancel any lessons. There will be an additional forty dollar ($40.00) fee for single lessons and sixty dollar ($60.00) fee for double lessons owed to Hoffman Auto School if student does not meet all the cancellation requirements.



The Driver’s Education Certificate is issued after the classroom, driving hours, and Parent Class are successfully completed. The cost of the Driver’s Education Certificate is NOT included in the tuition package price. A $15.00 additional fee payable directly to Hoffman Auto School will be required after the Classroom and On-Road Portion has been completed.

In order to take the RMV License road test, the student must take the test in either the Hoffman Auto School vehicle or the Rmv test vehicle.  Masks are required.  If Hoffman Auto School students wish to have the Auto school sponsor him/her for his/her license appointment, there is an One Hundred  Dollar ($100.00) fee for the use of our vehicle. This is an additional fee, separate from the tuition and separate from the Registry’s fee for the actual license and road test. We must book your license test if you are going with us. You may register with the auto school for the license road test after you have successfully completed the entire program and your DE Certificate is issued. Simply mail in your One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) fee and we will book your appointment for you.

Again there are two License Test Sponsor options available:

RMV Option: This option entitles the student the use of our vehicle, and our instructor as the student’s sponsor. This is an individual weekday test.  We can pick up the student from School or home prior to the test as long as schedule allows, and return them back to school or home after the test is completed.

GROUP TEST OPTION: This option is done directly at the auto school, the RMV, or a selected nearby location.  The student must be brought to the test location and picked up upon completion of the test.  Call for more information. We are also required to have a minimum number of students for group testing.

PARENTS: Remember that your child cannot drive with any friends in the vehicle for the first six (6) months that they are licensed unless there is an adult over the age of 21 who has been licensed for more than one year in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, or anyone over 18. This is part of the current Junior Operator Law of the Registry of Motor Vehicles.



A new law passed by the Massachusetts RMV in 2007 requires that parents attend an informational two (2) hour class in order for the student to receive the Driver’s Education Certificate.  Also no lessons can be scheduled until the parent class has been fulfilled or a copy of a certificate is on file.  This is a mandatory requirement. This class explains to the parents the current requirements for students under the age of eighteen (18), the Junior Operator Laws, and the fines and penalties associated with violating those laws among other things. If a student is under the age of 18, a Parent must attend one of these informational classes. Parent class dates are available on the schedule page. Only one parent need attend. A parent need only attend once every five (5) years. Therefore, if a family has had previous or subsequent children attending Driver’s Education within a five (5) year period of attending a Parent Class, then attendance may not be required again. If a Parent has previously attended a Parent Class at another Auto School, then a Parent Class Certificate from the other Auto School is Required. You are more than welcome to attend a class again, even if already fulfilled.

Click HERE to register for Parent Class



1/2 Hour License Refresher Lesson                        $25

Use of Hoffman Auto School vehicle for road test:  $100

Driver Education Certificate:                                    $15

Additional lessons beyond 12 required lessons:      $45

Second road test fees:                                             $50



• Individual Driving Lessons:                 $75.00/hour per lesson.
• 12 Hours Behind the Wheel Training: $550.00.
• 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training:   $350.00.
• 30 Hour Classroom Instruction only:   $300.00.
• 2 Hour Parent Class:                          $50.00.
• Use of car for road test:                      $120.00  

(Students required to take at least one -1-hour road lesson to evaluate ability to pass test.)

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