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Kick Start Program

Welcome to Our New
Kick Start Program

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Image by Andraz Lazic

We Had this idea...

How many parents out there are nervous to bring their kids out driving for the first time?? 

We talked to a bunch of parents about it

And the overwhelming consensus was YES.  We don't feel comfortable bringing them out in our personal car when they have


so we designed a program just for you!!

Our Two Hour Program is designed to help parents by bringing their kids out for the first time so they don't have to!!

Now its time to get them on the road

Check Out What the program is, how you can sign up for it, and what you can expect to get out of it.

What is Kick Start All About?

What is the Purpose of Kick Start?

The purpose of this program is to help alleviate the anxiety of a parent getting in the car with their teenager for the very first time.  With this "Kick Start" program, over a two hour period, your teenager will:

  1. Become much more familiar with the vehicle and it's controls.

  2. Maneuver the vehicle in a controlled environment​​

    1. Starts and Stops​

    2. Turning the Wheel

    3. Guiding the vehicle through a closed marked course

    4. Learn to drive in reverse

  3. Once comfortable, the student will maneuver the vehicle onto a quiet residential roadway.​

This program will not eliminate the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their teenager drives the minimum 20 hours before they start their on-road lessons.  What the program will do is instruct and encourage them to be more comfortable in the car before the parent takes over.

Fees & Payments

Kick Start Major Steps

  • Explain to the Student the Objectives of the Program

  • Familiarize the Student with the Operation of the Car and its Controls

  • Learn and Practice using the Accelerator and Brake Pedal

  • Explain the different gears of the Shifter and How to Engage Each One

  • Introduce them to the proper method of steering and hand placement

  • Taking the vehicle through Forward, Stop, Turn, and Reverse.

  • Bringing them onto the Public Roadway for the first time!!

* ​The total amount of material that will be covered during the program will be based on the ability of the student to comprehend and replicate maneuvers.

Program Requirements:

  • Anyone wishing to participate in this program must have already passed their Learner's Permit exam and have a valid MA Learner's Permit.

  • They must have their permit with them and it must be in good condition. All pertinent information must be legible and all restrictions must be adhered to. (I.e. corrective lenses if required.)

  • Due to current RMV safety regulations, all students must wear a proper mask.  

  • Lessons are currently only available Sunday Mornings.  This is a much slower traffic time, and helps lower their anxiety when interacting with other vehicles on the roads.

  • Driving time will not be scheduled until after the completion of the classroom portion of the Driver's Ed. Program.


The total cost of this program is only $200.  

This will include:

  • Use of a Hoffman Auto School vehicle for the duration of the lesson.

  • A Private One on One Lesson with one of our certified and knowledgeable instructors.

  • Use of our On-Site Kick Start Course.

  • An End of Course Evaluation containing:

    • What was accomplished during the lesson.​

    • How many hours we recommend the student needs before starting On-Road Lessons.

    • A guide for parents on what they need to work on next, as well as what they should cover during their time in the car with their teenager.


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